Executive Committee


The activities of the ILS are governed by an Executive Committee of members with officers elected on an annual basis and members-at-large serving two-year terms. This website is a new effort by the Executive Committee to provide information to ILS members and the public about section activities and other events that may be of interest to practitioners of Indian law, as well as to post articles that were previously published in paper format in the section’s newsletter The Arrow’s Edge. We welcome your comments and input about this website as we look to expand the information available here to include a referral listing for Indian law practitioners, links to Oregon tribes, and other content that will be of interest to our members. Contact information for Executive Committee members is provided, and we encourage you to let us know how we can improve the functionality of this site.

The current membership of the Executive Committee is:

Mr. Sanchez, Nicholas RL    Chairperson
Mr. Norris, Caleb J    Past Chair
Mrs. Barrington, Jessie     Treasurer
Dexter, Lydia     Secretary
Mr. La Pointe-Aitchison, Corin     Member
Izenson, Martha Klein    Member
Mr. Broadman, Anthony Stephen    Member
Ms. Winalski, Dawn     Member
Mr. Fiske, Tanner J    Member
Ms. Jackson, Vanessa R    Member
Ms. Perry, Anne U    Member
Ms. Barbee, Suraya Zawideh    Bar Liaison
Hesbrook, Joseph     BOG Contact
Mr. Nichols, Craig A    Co-Chair