ILS Listserv

The Indian Law Section Executive Committee has decided to take advantage of the list serve opportunities offered to the Section by the Oregon State Bar. This decision was made with the goal of increasing interaction among Section members and to provide a forum for Section members to ask questions of or share information with other Section members.

A list serve is essentially an electronic bulk e-mail to all section members. The list serve offers members the capability of communicating instantly with a large group and having a way to contribute to discussions. If you post to the list serve you are in effect sending that posting to everyone. The e-mails you receive from the list serve will also be received by all members.

Participation is open to all section members who have e-mail addresses registered with the bar. Members are automatically signed up on the list serve, however your participation is not mandatory. If you want to remove yourself, simply unsubscribe.

How to use this list serve:

To send a list serve message to all members of the Indian Law Section, enter [email protected] in the To: line of your e-mail. Note that attachments are not allowed and your email with an attachment will not be sent.
Replies are directed (by default) to the SENDER of the message ONLY. If you wish to send a reply to the entire list, you can press “Reply to All”.

How to make changes to your subscription:

Send a plain text e-mail message to [email protected] with the following in the body of your message for each type of change:

To remove yourself from the list: unsubscribe ______
To receive your message in digest form (combined into a single message sent once each day):
set ______ digest.
To discontinue digest format: mail ______
This is a closed list – if you believe that there is a technical problem with the list serve, need to change your e-mail address, or to resubscribe to a list after you have unsubscribed: Send an e-mail with the new information to Michelle Casney at [email protected]